Top Home Design Trends for 2018

Modern natural materials in home design

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Interior home design and decoration is a field that seems to be constantly evolving. Trends can change rapidly and without warning. If home owners don’t keep a finger on the pulse of the industry, it can often be hard to keep up. Don’t worry, because we have made things easy for you with our guide to Top Home Design Trends for 2018.

Natural elements

Modern homes are seeing a return to a more natural aesthetic when it comes to decor. Even in new builds it is common to see exposed concrete walls, granite surfaces, and even copper fixtures. This sort of industrial chic design has been quite popular with both young and older home-buyers alike. Often minimalistic, this new trend makes use of raw naturalistic features such as quartz countertops, white cabinets, and floating wood staircases. The organic ambiance provided by Edison-style hanging light bulbs and exposed brick lends itself well to a modern design. Classical and current elements of the house work together to form a kind of retro-modern look that is appealing to so many home-buyers. Even concrete countertops have worked their way into some redesigned kitchens. While this trend isn’t for everyone, it has gained a lot of momentum in the interior design world and is expected to continue throughout 2018.


Engineered Hardwood

This new trend takes real wood and blends it with a high-density foam core. This allows it to have the same look and feel as traditional solid wood flooring, but with a bit more functionality. Engineered hardwood is stronger and more stable than solid wood. This makes it more resistant to heat/moisture changes, and sometimes even scratching.  Many homeowners are leaning toward the engineered option because it can be easily installed anywhere, even moisture prone areas like a basement.

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Open Floor Plans

While this isn’t a new trend, it’s still a must have on most every modern home-buyers wish list. Realtor’s confirm that their younger clients are requesting homes with open kitchen and dining rooms. While the term can be relative, it basically refers to a modern floor-plan that has less walls and more open space. A traditional kitchen may be tucked away in its own room, compartmentalized from the rest of the living space. The new trend is to have the kitchen open up to the living room. Instead of a wall, the two rooms are separated by a bar, island, or table. This is very popular in fix-and-flip style houses. Sometimes they will even just cut a window in an existing wall to give the place a more open feel.

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Slow Close Cabinets

It may seem like a novelty item, but these quiet closing cabinets and drawers have been in high demand recently. These fancy hinges prevent slamming, no matter how hard you may close the cupboard. This can be a lifesaver If you have kids, or if you are just the type of person who tends to slam things. For the rest of us it may seem like a superfluous luxury, but is actually a must-have for modern luxury kitchens. The slow closing mechanism used to be copyrighted, which made this a very expensive option. However, recently many replicas have emerged which makes it a much more affordable indulgence.

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Smart Home Technology

Technology these days is amazing. From Bluetooth controlled lights to Wi-Fi enabled refrigerators, tech can be intertwined in virtually every aspect of your house. But even if you don’t want to wire your house like Iron Man’s laboratory, there are lots of simple digital updates for your home. The most common of these may be smart thermostats like Nest. These sleek looking gadgets automatically learn your heating habits and adjust to your optimal personal settings. They can even save you money by turning down automatically when you are asleep or at work. Another popular tech item is Alexa or Google Home type “speech engine” devices. These voice activated devices connect to the internet and other smart devices in your home. Whether you need Alexa to recite a recipe when your hands or full or shut off the lights when you’re walking out the door, she’s there at your beckon call.

Upstairs Laundry

This trend has really been taking off in new build communities, and especially row homes. Simply putting the washer and dryer upstairs can save homeowners lots of time and effort when it comes to doing the laundry. While it’s definitely a luxury, it’s becoming more and more standard in newer homes. It gives owners the ease of a ranch style floor-plan even if they live in a multi-level home. Trudging all the way down to your basement to wash your clothes may become a thing of the past.

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