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Red Rocks Schedule 2018

Red Rocks Calendar 2018

Red Rocks Season is here! Make to take catch all your favorite acts this summer with our offical Blake Team Red Rocks Schedule 2018  

Top Home Design Trends for 2018

Modern natural materials in home design

Interior home design and decoration is a field that seems to be constantly evolving. Trends can change rapidly and without warning. If home owners don’t keep a finger on the pulse of the industry, it can often be hard to keep up. Don’t worry, because we have made things easy for you with our guide… Read more »

Why You Should Use A Real Estate Agent Team

  Everyone seems to know a Real Estate Agent out there somewhere. Someone’s brother’s sister’s cousin who would be thrilled to represent you on your next transaction. While that’s not to say they wouldn’t do a good job, it’s important that you find a Real Estate Agent who truly knows what they are doing in… Read more »

What Pet Owners Should Look For in a New Home

Anyone who’s ever taken a walk through their local neighborhood can tell you that there is an abundance of pet owners throughout the United States, and Colorado is absolutely no exception. People love their animals so much that they will even choose a home based on how welcome their animals will be as part of… Read more »

Neighborhood Spotlight: The Franktown Area

Tucked away just off the beaten path, but right in the heart of all the beauty of the Rockies, Franktown is a flourishing rural community that has plenty to offer its citizens. Although small in size, Franktown is becoming a popular place to settle down and enjoy the good life. Franktown is situated just south… Read more »

9 Quick Tips to Sell Your Home During the Holidays (part 2 of 2)

Just a couple days ago, we started giving tips on how to sell your home during the holidays. We’re hoping those were enough to get you started, but that article only told half the story. We’re here to provide the remaining five tips to get your home sold and help you have a truly wonderful… Read more »

9 Quick Tips to Sell Your Home During the Holidays (part 1 of 2)

The holidays are a wonderful time to get family and friends together, but homeowners looking to sell their homes are often afraid that their efforts will be a waste of time since people are busy with various festivities. Just a short time ago, we wrote all about the benefits of selling a home during the… Read more »

Tips to Stay Warm in Your New Colorado Home

In case you haven’t noticed, much of Colorado gets very cold during the winter months. Whether you’ve lived in cold states before or not, warming up your new Colorado home can be a bit of a challenge at times. This is especially true when you’re not independently wealthy and are forced to be careful with… Read more »

Neighborhood Spotlight: The Lakewood Area

Looking for that perfect spot to settle down in the greater Denver area? Why not consider making the Lakewood area your new ‘Home Sweet Home’? This young and vibrant Rocky Mountain city is known for its diversity, excellence in education, the arts, and, of course, lots of time in the great outdoors. Read on to… Read more »

Selling Your Home During the Holidays is Beneficial – Here’s How!

There are a lot of real estate myths out there, but one that we hear most frequently is that it’s a bad idea to try to sell a home during the holiday season. Sure, the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are a busy time for most of us, but that doesn’t mean buyers suddenly stop being… Read more »