What You Need to Know

The Blake Team believes in preparing the right way to sell your home. Start with selecting a real estate agent; contact us* to find out why our clients are consistently blown away by our services. The representation you select will influence the preparation and marketing of your home. Our agents will guide you through the process of staging and presenting your home to potential buyers and market your home using strategies that maximize interest, traffic, and offers. Our approach is to treat each client as family, and our agents live by that mantra during the home selling process. From setting up a killer listing to negotiating terms, there is simply no substitute for proven strategy and experience when selling a home. Give The Blake Team a call today and experience the difference that our expertise can make for you.

Step-by-Step Guide to Selling a Home

The home selling process hinges on professional presentation, marketing expertise, and a deep understanding of market conditions. Real estate agency experience and strategy are vital to ensure each of these elements is working to command top market value for your home. The Blake Team Realtors® can advise you on specific questions relevant to your situation, but every successful selling experience is built on capable management of the process. Our process and client interaction is driven by our core values of family, integrity, loyalty, and efficiency. That doesn’t just mean we’ll coordinate your sale by building trust — it also means that we’re driven by a genuine enthusiasm to perform every step of the way, because every client is family to us.

The step-by- step guide below details the process that your Blake Team agent will be sure to walk you through to sell your home. Any agent can list a house, but the difference that a passionate, successful, and performance-driven agency can make is meaningful. A Blake Team Realtor® on the job means your home is on the market for less time and sells for top value. Contact us* today to find out how we can maximize your home sale.

We’re driven by a genuine enthusiasm to perform every step of the way because every client is family to us.

First impressions are everything. Acquiring the highest market value for your home often comes down to how it presents. Your Blake Team agent will suggest several ways to inexpensively enhance your home’s appeal prior to going on the market. Many common exterior touch-ups include regular lawn mowing, freshly painting or staining things like the fence and front door, cleaning windows thoroughly, tightening door handles, and downspouts. Sprucing up the inside of the home is also very important. We suggest removing clutter from the walls and shelving, cleaning or painting walls and ceilings, shampooing carpets, repairing any plumbing issues, and replacing light bulbs after dusting off the fixtures. Once the home is ready to show, be sure to have a checklist handy for scheduled showings that reminds you to turn on all the lights, open blinds for day showings, keep pets secured, and create a little ambiance with soft music and comforting scents.

The same ideas apply to the photo shoot that will capture the visuals for your home listing. Our professional photographer will shoot the front and rear exterior of the home, as well as patios, decks, yards, and landscaped areas. They will also want pictures of all interior common areas, like the front entry, dining room, living room, family room, and kitchen. Bedrooms and bathrooms, typically along with any other finished living space, will also be photographed and should be clean and presentable. Remember that we’re working to prepare the public image of your home and create a striking first impression!

Now that your home has been staged and we have the photographs and images we need to create a spectacular listing and three-dimensional tour online, The Blake Team marketing effort kicks off to build awareness of the impending listing. That’s right, we’re going to market your house before it’s even listed because our agents have shown time and again that a strong pre-listing marketing effort can make all the difference in the initial interest and offers your home receives. Once you’re listing goes live in the MLS, your agent will work with you to hold open houses, if applicable, and negotiate incoming offers to make certain you realize maximum value. We’ll work with the buyer’s agent to remove any contingencies to the transaction once we have the right offer in place, and stick with you through closing and beyond.