Deliciously Easy Holiday Cookie Recipes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and what better way to celebrate the season than baking cookies! Whether you are bringing dessert to a party, or baking at home with friends and family, there’s nothing like a delicious treat to enjoy during the holidays. No matter what your guests have a taste for this year, there is a cookie for everyone! Come spread cheer from your kitchen with some of our favorite recipes. Our guide to deliciously easy holiday cookie recipes will make baking a breeze, even if you aren’t quite a star baker yourself.

Gingerbread Cookies

Ginger Bread Cookies:

A true holiday classic that makes a wonderful gift or stocking stuffer. A proper gingerbread cookie should have the prefect mix of sweetness and just a little heat from the ginger. Make a gingerbread cookie worthy of a fairy tale with this easy recipe from our friends at

Ginger Bread Cookie Recipe 

Holiday Sugar Cookies

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Sugar Cookies:

The perfect sugar cookie is the hallmark of any holiday spread. While you can simply buy the pre-made dough at the store, making your own from scratch is actually much easier than you may think. Add your own personal touch to your cookies this year with this simple recipe at All

Sugar Cookie Recipe

Chocolate Sugar Cookies

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Chocolate Sugar Cookies:

This fun chocolate twist on a traditional holiday cookie will stand out amongst the crowd. Make this simple yet creative spin on a classic by following this easy guide from Southern Living: 

Chocolate Sugar Cookie Recipe

Alternative Recipe from


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A personal favorite for the holidays, a good snickerdoodle is relatively simple but often hard to perfect. Crispy edges with a soft gooey center is the elusive texture that every snickledoodle hopes to be. Luckily we take the guess work out of the equation with this top rated quick recipe from

Snickerdoodle Recipe

Red Velvet Thumbprint Cookies:

Red Velvet is always a crowd favorite and it’s the perfect taste for the holidays. The classic thumbprint cookie gets a bit of a modern twist with this fun recipe. Check out the easy video above or the full recipe from our friends at Southern Living.

Red Velvet Thumbprint Recipe

Candy Cane Cookies

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Candy Cane Cookies:

Nothing says holiday cheer like candy canes. These festive cookies embrace the season without the stickiness of their candy counterparts and they are the perfect gift or stocking stuffers. Enjoy this quick and easy recipe from Betty Crocker.

Rosemary Shortbread Cookies

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Short Bread:

Bring back childhood memories with this deliciously old-fashioned cookie. It’s simple buttery flavors will delight your holiday guests this year. You can serve plain with a touch of lemon zest as outlined in this easy-to-follow guide from our friends at real Or even rosemary as displayed by All 

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Anginetti or Italian Lemon Drops:

A bit of a more exotic taste, these lemon drop cookies boast a traditional Italian flavor that will bring smiles to your friends and family this season. Although the icing is similar to a traditional sugar cookie, the texture and crumble of the cookie is unlike anything you may have had before. Share this zesty treat to mix things up this season. Follow this uncomplicated recipe from Genius Kitchen:

Anginetti Recipe


Chocolate Chip Meringue

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Chocolate Chip Meringue:

Meringues are the perfect cookies if you want to stand out among other more traditional recipes. These delicious puffs are sure to be a hit at any Holiday party. With the awesome guide from, they are much easier to make than you might think!

Chocolate Chip Meringue Recipe

Thumbprint Cookies

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Thumbprint Cookies

A simple yet delicious treat that will bring back memories of a simpler time. Find a


Lemon Bar

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Lemon Bars:

While they are not technically a cookie, we feel these sweet treats should still make the list. Lemon bars make a great zesty choice for your holiday guests. Get the quick and easy recipe at

Lemon Bar Recipe