New Construction

Yes, you should use a Real Estate Agent even when considering buying a new construction. Yes, The Blake Team can help you navigate the purchase of a new construction home. We can work directly with most builders to make sure you have the information you need to make an informed decision, and it costs you nothing. Our experienced agents accompany you on your first visit with the builder to make sure the right questions are asked and answered. New constructions contracts are typically complex, but the experience will be a breeze with The Blake Team on your side. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you get into your new construction home.

New Builders are Not Created Equal

Purchasing a new construction home definitely had its advantages. Chief among these for many people is simply being the first to own the property — you are the only owner that will ever get to enjoy that new house smell! Of course, there’s also the design and function benefits that come with a new build. Taking advantage of the latest design trends and building materials means your new home is sleek and efficient. Oftentimes, technology is also built right into the price – think internet wiring, cable, and home entertainment. Your newly constructed home should save you loads of time and money with these kinds of included features, not to mention the holes in the walls you would have made to install those surround sound speakers.

If you’re exploring new construction homes, you’ve probably thought about all the benefits mentioned here. What you may not have considered is the role of a real estate agent in the process. The Blake Team agents have the experience necessary to identify the quality builders and point out those that have had complaints with licensing agencies or issues reported to state or local agencies. We can help you research the advantages and disadvantages of various new construction communities to make sure both the home and the local scene offer just what you want. A Blake Team Realtor® is also invaluable as you consider ranking items of importance like square footage, floor plans, upgrades, and warranties. When it costs you nothing to have an expert on your side, it really is a no-brainer decision.

When it costs you nothing to have an expert on your side, it really is a no-brainer decision.

The Blake Team is a leading agency in the new community market. When you purchase a new construction home, the home builder is the seller and they have an agent representing their interests. The builder’s agent is of course trying to get the highest price for the homes on behalf of the builder. One consequence of this setup is that negotiating a lower price is often more difficult than it might be in other circumstances.

Builders are often more relectuant than others to drop prices. An experienced Realtor® knows how to negotiate with new builders around items like closing costs or upgrades that result in a net win for buyers. These “backend” negotiations are more likely to succeed since they won’t set a precedent for upfront discounts to future buyers. The Blake Team Realtors® have proven experience helping new construction home buyers get the most for their money. Our goal is to provide a buying experience that eliminates the frustrations that can slow the process, and get you into a brand new home for the best possible price.

Using a Blake Team Realtor® to represent you in your new build purchase has additional benefits that include advice on how to structure an appealing offer to the builder, selecting new build options that will benefit you in a future resale, and navigating purchase agreements that may vary from the standard forms. Builders often use custom purchase agreement documents in place of standard forms, and we will help you review these documents in advance.

We believe one of the most important elements in a new construction purchase is the contract. Especially if you are considering purchasing a home that is still under construction, the negotiation and spelling out of each detail is critical. Your Blake Team Realtor® will consider all aspects of the transition, like what happens if there’s a construction delay, how the finishing details are managed, or how to handle communication as decision points arise in the process. Everything needs to be in writing, solidified in the contract, and we’ll work with you to make sure your interests are protected.