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Home ownership is the American Dream and realizing that dream with the person you love makes the deal even sweeter. As the Denver housing market continues to boom, a growing number of couples are making the decision to buy a home together. Whether married or not, serious and committed partners can truly benefit from entering… Read more »


Step 1: Hire a Realtor Don’t make the rookie mistake of believing you can go it alone. The home-buying process is very involved and trying to navigate the Denver real estate market as a newbie could cause you to lose out on the home of your dreams or to go well over your budget. Look… Read more »

You already know that Denver’s real estate marketing is booming and that you want to make your home in the greater Denver area. What you don’t know is how, exactly, you’re going to track down your dream home. Attempting to buy a home on your own is far too overwhelming, time-consuming, and complicated, so you’ll need to… Read more »

Nestled in the shadow of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, the Buckley Air Force Base stands tall and proud. This Aurora suburb is home to some of the nation’s greatest heroes and their families. With both active duty and retired military personnel on the base, there is a level of camaraderie and respect that is truly exceptional… Read more »

Being a homeowner is awesome, but the expenses of homeownership are not always as fun. Instead of spending a huge chunk of your paycheck each month on your mortgage, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to put that money towards beautiful furniture for your new home, amazing home upgrades, or even a nice vacation?… Read more »

So, you’re ready to sell your Denver area home but it has suffered from some water damage. No matter how great or small the damage may be, it can be a huge turn-off for prospective buyers. Don’t get too discouraged, though. As a seller, you still have plenty of options with regards to how to… Read more »

Maybe you’re not sure if you can handle your entire mortgage on your own. Perhaps you just don’t like the idea of living all by yourself. Whatever the case may be, you’re giving some thought to sharing your new home with a roommate. So, should you or shouldn’t you? As Denver realtors, we get asked… Read more »

The Castle Rock community is one of the hottest spots in the Denver real estate market. A thriving, affluent town, Castle Rock boasts a rich history based in the Old West, hundreds of acres of beautiful parks, the largest open-air outlet in all of Colorado, rich culture, and excellent opportunities for education. It’s no wonder… Read more »

According to CNBC, Colorado’s economy and job market have thrived since marijuana was legalized throughout the state. For new homeowners, however, marijuana can create some unique challenges. Because a larger number of people are now using rooms inside of their homes (or the entire house) to cultivate pot plants, buyers and sellers alike need to… Read more »

Interested in Selling? Click Here to Receive More Information Interested in Buying? Search All Homes for Sale on the Denver MLS   It’s time for your market update from the Blake Team. Inventory is up by 0.11%, so it is still fairly stagnant. The average days on market is steadily creeping up, increasing by 3.33%… Read more »